About SABR Adult Soccer

SABR’s Adult Recreational Program consists of parents, coaches, referees, sponsors and Boca Raton residents living in the SABR service area. As a recreational program, we encourage playing for fun and camaraderie. The Laws of the Game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited. The minimum age restrictions are: men 35 years of age and women 18 years of age.

Our Adult Soccer program serves more than 300 players – Women Over-18 and Men Over-35 – in various SABR games and seasons. We have spring leagues for men and women from February/March – May. We also have a number of year-round weekly scrimmages for men, women, co-ed and over-50 groups.

All adults pay a SABR Annual Adult Membership fee to play in our club. This includes registration to Florida State Soccer Association as a SABR player. The charges for our spring leagues and our year-round scrimmages vary from group to group.

Our spring soccer leagues have registration in January and February, and play starts in late February/early March following the children’s recreational program. The Men’s Division and the Women’s Division each play a 12 game schedule, which conclude in May. To register for the leagues, please visit the men's and women's about pages.

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