Tom Cherubin Cup Results

SABR Tom Cherubin Cup Final Results

Girls Results:

GU9: Strikers defeated Spanish River Church 1-0

GU10: B4& After GC defeated The Salt Suite 0-0 (PK: 3-0)

GU11: Nagy Architecture defeated Powerhouse 1-0

GU12: Hull All Star Golf Cart defeated Blue Thunder 3-1

GU15: Varian Associates/ Cheetahs defeated Manning Home Inspections/ Water Dogs 2-1

GU19: Camarda Builders/ Gators defeated Stingrays 3-2

Boys Results:

BU9: Max Urban defeated Freedom 3-1

BU10: Give N Go defeated Owls 1-0 (OT)

BU11: Give N Go defeated Santelli Orthodontics 2-0

BU12: Strikers defeated Galaxy 4-3 (OT)

BU15: Dr Kitt’s Krunchers defeated All Kinds of Blinds 2-1

BU19: Strikers defeated Fighting Knights 0-0 (PK: 5-4)

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