Youth Soccer Contacts

We want to hear from you!

Most of your questions can be answered by your child’s coach or age group Division Rep. Please start there. If they don’t know the answer, they will “go up the ladder” and get it for you.

Our SABR Web site will keep you up to date on all current events, our calendar, and more. For example, each week, we post the game reports from all of our coaches.

You can also send us an eMail. Our Contact Us page has an email form on the right. Your eMail will be directed by our web master for response from a SABR volunteer. Please allow a few days for our volunteers to catch up with you.

Please include your phone in your email in case we need to call.

Boys Recreation Division Reps

Under 5 & 6 – Walli Ali

Under 7 – Dana Timmer

Under 8 -  James Garrett

Under 9 – Christina and Anthony Passanisi

Under 9– Byron Wilson

Under 10 – Adam Goby

Under 10 – Dulce Estrada

Under 11 - Payam Savar

Under 12 - Ying Liu

Under 15 - Brian Martens

Under 15 – Phoenix Okoee

Under 19 – James Jackimczuk

Under 19 – Herb Lukas

Girls Recreation Division Reps

Under 5 & 6 – Walli Ali

Under 7 – Julie Horowitz

Under 7 – Jennifer Sussman

Under 8 – Samantha Eckhart

Under 9 – Patrick Freeland

Under 9 – Reinier Potts

Under 10 – Chris Stier

Under 10 – Sheri Kramer

Under 11 – Tony Bonitatibus

Under 11 – Felipe Palacio

Under 12 - Janann Fine

Under 15 – Leon Brown

Under 15 – John Reed

Under 19 – Sam Hitner

SABR Coordinators

Webmaster – Nancy Spidell

Volunteer Coordinator - Brian Martens

Registrar – Marlynda Comiskey

Communitcations Chair – Cara Robbe Gottlieb

School Outreach Chair – Frank Rodriguez

SABR Board of Directors

President –  Earl Starkoff

Treasurer – Bob Rollins

Director Boys Soccer - Jack Jackimczuk

Director Girls Soccer – Larry Faerman

Director Referees – Ray Saba

Director Purchasing -- Patrick Freeland

Director Sponsors

Director Training – Walli Ali

Director Adult Soccer – Patrick Ramsden

Director Team Boca Travel – Bill D'Addio

Director TOPSoccer – Vic Nocera

Past President – Jennifer Bielec