SABR Adult Soccer Rules

Player & Game Rules

All SABR League & Pickup Games require every player, including guests, to have FSSA Insurance, purchased between 8/1/20 - 8/1/21, here:

All SABR League & Pickup Players must agree and adhere to the SABR Guidelines of Play during Covid-19

All SABR League & Pickup Players must wear shin guards

All SABR Members are able to report misconduct per the instructions below

All FIFA rules will apply with the following exceptions:

  • No slide tackles
  • Unlimited substitution on goal kicks and throw-ins
  • Flat wedding bands may be worn – no other jewelry allowed
  • When a field player receives a yellow card, they must leave the field and can be replaced by a substitute (does not apply to goalkeeper). That player can re-enter the game at the next goal kick or throw-in

Participation and Team Sizes

Participation in SABR Adult Soccer – including our league games – is limited to those players that are registered. Under no circumstances will unregistered players be allowed to play, even if there are not enough registered players to have a game.

As long as there are at least 7 registered players on each team, the assigned referees are expected to officiate the League game. Pickup games do not have referees.

SABR is a Non-Profit Organization.  In order for a SABR Adult League or Pickup to be active, the group must "break even" with their annual budget (Sept 1 - Aug 31), and follow the SABR Adult Soccer Rules as outlined on this page.

Game Length

  • Men's League: Two 45 minute halves
  • Women's League: Two 40 minute halves (11v11); Two 25 minute halves (7v7)
  • Pickup Games: Per Permit Window

Cards and Inappropriate Behavior

  • Excessive foul language and unsportsmanlike conduct are not tolerated and typically result in suspensions and eventually a ban from the league
  • Players receiving 5 or more yellow cards over the course of the season are suspended for the next game.
  • Players receiving red cards (either straight red or two yellow cards) are suspended for the next game and may be subject to additional suspension depending on the nature of the offense.  The durations or the suspension are determined by the SABR Board and can not be adjusted by the League Coordinator or Captains
  • Each Red Card ruling will be based on a Discipline Chart.  The Discipline Chart is available upon request.
  • SABR's Adult Program is recreational and open to players of all skill levels. Our club is a non-profit organization and balances fun and fair play with the challenges to improve individually and as a team. When you sign up to play in SABR, you are joining thousands of neighbors who come out to the fields to play and enjoy soccer – to make new friends and share good times with old ones.  In that regard, SABR continues to be a club that welcomes all walks of life interested in enjoying the game of soccer with their community.
  • SABR has a Zero Tolerance Policy for bullying, discrimination, or conduct unbecoming. Players who are found to behave in manners inconsistent with our community standards will not be permitted to continue playing in our organization. All players must agree to uphold these community standards in order to register for and remain within our programs.

Pickup & League Manager Responsibilities

There are 4 Leagues and 8 Pickup groups within the SABR Adult Program.  Each League and Pickup Group has one main manager, responsible for the following items, at a minimum:
  • Coordinating with the Adult Director and meeting budget, supply request, and permit request deadlines and restrictions
  • Disseminating information to their Group
  • Upholding and following the SABR and FSSA Rules
  • Ensuring that the League or Pickup Group will obtain enough funds to cover their costs
  • Maintaining a welcoming and fair atmosphere within their group's games, per the SABR Adult Soccer Rules
  • Reporting misconduct and/or conflicts to the Adult Director immediately
  • Ensuring all players have FSSA Insurance
  • Attending the Quarterly Manager Meetings held by the Adult Director

Reporting Misconduct

  • In the event that you feel any of these Adult Soccer Rules have been broken, please email with your report, citing the rule which was broken and any other details necessary to review the event.  We will address each report fairly and without bias.  Such fair and unbias reviews may take time, please be patient following submittal of a report of misconduct.