About SABR Referee

pic - referee 2 shutterstock_340207532 copy.jpegWelcome to a new year of refereeing and exciting opportunities to:

Learn more about the game of soccer!

Get some exercise!

Work with your friends!

Make new friends!

Increase your confidence and demonstrate responsibility!

Make money (from $22 - $68 per game)!

We're pleased that you have taken the initiative to become a referee and help support SABR’s goals of developing teamwork, cooperation, good sportsmanship, fair play among our participants, and most of all FUN!

A referee’s primary responsibilities are to enforce the Laws of the Game and to provide a safe environment on the field for the players, coaches and spectators.

Click here for the referee payment schedule.

We will strive to keep this Referee’s Corner updated so that you will have the most recent information, changes, and announcements that may occur throughout the year. Please click on the links on the top menu bar under "Referees" to obtain more information:

You can contact me at referees@sabrsoccer.net if you have any questions or suggestions.

Let’s have another great season.


Bruce Spidell
SABR Director of Referees