Hi folks,
I am proud to introduce our own registration, education and certification system, developed and customized to our needs and standards, for your use.
The system is not yet open for you to register for your 2025 re-certification and Referee Entry Courses.   Note that new referee licensing is available right now but the re-certification starts on Aug 1st.  Obviously we cannot and will not open everything at the same time. We will start with Re-certifications for Referees Grade 8, 15 and 13 and Referee Grade 8 Entry. This year we have separate re-certifications for grades 15 & 13 and we are re-introducing the Grade 9 Recreational Referee Entry Course. Once these registrations are open and being processed, we will introduce Entry and Re-certification Courses for Assignors, Assessors and Instructors. We will follow this with registrations for temporary and permanent transfers into our state and continue with all Upgrade Courses. So please be patient with us and follow the instructions in this email and other emails to follow.
One of the first things I need to tell you is that unless you create an account in our new system, I can not communicate with you. So please, even though your re-certification may not be open yet, register and create your account so I can let you know when new things are happening.
About creating an account. Even though most of us are already members of USSF and have previously registered, this is our own new system and requires creating an account in order to merge your previous registration history and guide your requirements. So please follow the instructions on our home page and click on the blue “Create Account” button; the system will  verify the information you provide, including the email address (a separate distinct email address is required for each separate user) and send you an email with a link to activate your account. Once you have activated your account and taken care of the conviction page, you will be on your personal Dashboard and, based on your USSF credentials, user privileges and types of registrations opened, you will have access to material customized for your use. Feel free to browse within the system and our Library where we will be constantly uploading reference, educational and other important material.
So please, register now and retain this URL address in your browser’s bookmarks: https://www.flsoccerrefs.org

I want to thank you for supporting our Game and for your patience.

Thanks again,

Best Regards,
Bruce Spidell

SABR Director of referees
SABR Certified Coach
USSF E License Coach
USSF  Licensed Referee
USSF  Licensed Referee Assignor
Email: referees@sabrsoccer.net

Tel.: 561-350-4148
SABR Address: P.O. Box 812650 Boca Raton, FL 33481