SABR Adult Soccer Overview

SABR’s Adult Recreational Program includes Weekly Pickup Games and Seasonal Leagues for Men and Women in Boca Raton.  Additionally, we also have Monthly Training Programs and Monthly Competitive Leagues for Men and Women.  We are a community-based non-profit organization; all fees are established to cover the cost of fields, refs, uniforms, trainers, and other supplies or program needs. Our goal is to provide soccer games for adults of all ages in a fun, supportive, and welcoming environment.

SABR's Available Women's and Men's Programs:

    1. Seasonal Recreational Leagues
      1. Womens 18+ (Fall 7v7 & Spring 11v11)
        1. Our Spring 11v11 Season is now OPEN for all Players who can play by FIFA rules in at least 2 positions, without coaching. Please register here:!/events/2024-sabr-spring-11v11-women-18
      2. Mens 35+ (Spring 11v11)
        1. Mens 35+ Recreational 11v11 League Registration is OPEN, please register here:!/events/2024-sabr-spring-11v11-mens-35-rec
          1. Email to receive information on the 2024 Season
        2. Mens 35+ Competitive 11v11 League Registration is OPEN, if you are able to play competitively in accordance with SABR Rules, please register here:!/events/2024-sabr-spring-11v11-mens-35-comp
          1. Email if you would like to apply for the Mens 35+ COMPETITIVE League.
      3. Mens 18+ (Spring 11v11)
        1. Mens 18+ Recreational Spring 11v11 League is FULL
          1. Email to receive information to join the Wait List
    2. Weekly Pickups
      1. Mens
      2. Womens
      3. Coed
    3. Monthly Training Program - $60/Year Standalone Membership, or Free with Active SABR Registration!
      1. Newcomers, Beginners, and those Returning to Sport must attend Training before being transferred to Pickups or Leagues.
      2. Register here:!/events/2024-sabr-training-adult
      3. Our Monthly Training Program is open to all of our Weekly Pickup Registrants and League Registrants during League Season as a benefit of SABR Membership. Join our Weekly Pickups to receive information on our Training Dates & Topics year-round.
    4. Monthly Competitive Program
      1. Womens 18+ - Ref 7v7 and 11v11 Games at 6:30pm and 8:00pm the last Friday of each Month.  Register as an individual, group, or full team. Teams can purchase uniforms through SABR or provide their own uniform. Email if you are interested in joining the Allstar Program.
      2. Mens 18+ - email to apply for Mens 18+ Competitive Games

Our Adult Program serves more than 500 players, consisting of parents, coaches, referees, sponsors, college students, and residents living in the SABR service area, Boca Raton, Florida.  All skill levels are welcome! As a recreational program, we encourage playing for fun and camaraderie.  The laws of the game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited.

Our Adult Program Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st, in line with the Florida Adult Soccer Association’s (FASA) annual year.  FASA is the official governing body representing U.S. Soccer in the State of Florida. It is a representative body composed of soccer officials throughout the State dedicated to act in the best interests of the sport.

SABR & FSSA Membership: All Players & Guests must purchase Supplemental Health Insurance and electronically sign the Release of Liability Waiver from FSSA via Affinity ($30 non-refundable ANNUAL fee) here:

        1. Become a Base or Advanced Member of SABR for the Membership Year during registration of the available Programs.  An explanation of Base and Advanced SABR Membership Levels is explained below.

SABR Guidelines for Play during COVID-19

Based on member feedback, the SABR Adult Program has adopted the below linked Guidelines for Play.  All members MUST agree to abide by these guidelines.  If the guidelines are not adhered to, the player will be suspended from SABR for 8 games. Please also pay attention to the Refund Policies when registering for programs, in case play is suspended during this year’s season.

SABR Guidelines for Play during COVID-19

Additionally, all members must adhere to the following FSSA, City, County, State, and CDC Guidelines, or the player will be suspended for 8 games.


How to Become a Member of SABR’s Adult Program for the active Season:

  1. Purchase $30 SABR Base Membership (Mandatory for all Players & Guests): Purchase Supplemental Health Insurance and electronically sign the Release of Liability Waiver from FSSA via Affinity ($25 non-refundable fee) for the September - August Membership Year. This $30 fee is your base membership in both SABR and FSSA. SABR policy is that the full $30 is provided directly to FASA to meet the City requirement to issue permits to use the fields. SABR does not receive any of the $30 membership fee.
    1. Complete this process here:


  1. Consider $15 SABR Advanced Membership (Optional): An additional level of membership is available when registering for the below available programs. This additional level of membership helps SABR keep our fees low and provide resources and support to our Programs.  You cannot switch membership levels throughout the year.
    1. Complete this process while registering for an available Adult Program.

Player Responsibilities




Men's Leagues

We offer two 12-week 11 v 11 Spring Leagues for Men: 18+ and 35+.  Play typically runs from March to May, with registration in February

For the 18+ league:

For the 35+ league:

pic - SABR Men 2 shutterstock_150336596 copy.jpeg

Women's Leagues & Pickups

We offer a 12-week 11v11 Spring League for Women 18+.  Play typically runs from March to May, with registration in February.

We also offer a 10-week 7v7 Fall League for Women 18+.  Play typically runs from September through November, with registration in August.

Come play soccer with us year-round at our Weekly Womens 18+ Pickups!


Pickup Games

Weekly Men's, Women's, Coed, and Over-50 pickup games, year-round.

Registration is open year-round. Contact Us with inquiries and to register to play.

For more information, please visit Boca Raton Adult Soccer Pickup Games.