TOPSoccer FAQ's
1.  What is TOPSoccer?  TOPSoccer is a SABR-affiliated outreach  program that gives special needs athletes The Opportunity to Play Soccer, create independence, and gain friendships.
2. Who can participate?  Special needs athletes who range from 4 years old through adulthood.  Teams are organized by age, and each team has an adult coach with a buddy assigned to each player when volunteers are available.
3.  How do I become a Buddy?  Buddies must be at least 14 years of age and willing to commit to 9 weeks of attendance at games through the season.
4.  Who is eligible to be a Buddy Captain?  Buddy Captains must have at least two years experience as a buddy.  They MUST commit to 9 weeks of attendance plus participation at orientation on Sunday, January 5, 2025.  Arrival each week at 1:30 p..m. and departure at the end of clean up is mandatory.
5.  Do buddies and Buddy Captains receive community service hours?  Yes.  Community service hours will be provided but will be adjusted accordingly for attendance and staying the entire 1:30-5:00 time frame.
6.  When is the season? The Game Days begins on Saturday, January 11, 2025 through Saturday, March 8, 2025.  See Calendar for Special Events.  Buddies check in no later than 2:30 p.m. and players arrive by 2:45 p.m.
7.  When is Registration?  Registration for the 2025 season for Players, Buddies, Buddy Captains, Coaches, and other volunteers is open in mid-October, 2024.  A link will be available on this TOPSoccer website, and an email reminder will be sent from GotSoccer to returning participants.  After registering, if you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam Folder.
8.  Is there a registration fee?  No.  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors, and Charity Partners, the  program has remained free to the players since 2000.  Players receive a uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks) and are awarded a trophy on the last day of the season.
9.  Where do you play?  Games take place at University Woodlands Park at 2501 Saint Andrews Boulevard in Boca Raton.