SABR Women’s Program

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SABR's Women's Program offers Weekly Pickups, Fall & Spring Recreational Leagues, Monthly Training Programs, and Monthly Competitive Leagues in Boca Raton.  See below for how to join us on the field!

SABR Women's Spring & Fall Recreational Leagues

Each year, the Soccer Association of Boca Raton (SABR) offers a Spring League (11 v 11, 12 game season) and Fall League (7 v 7, 10 game season) for women 18 and over. Typically, games are played on Wednesday nights starting around 6:30pm.  As a recreational program, we encourage playing for fun and camaraderie.  There are players in the league that played soccer in college and players in the league that have never played at all.  We welcome all women to come out and play with us! All teams are formed in order to have balanced skill level per team. The Laws of the Game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited.


    • Prorated Registration is open until 5/18/22: Prorated $80 League Fee + $10 Jersey
      • Prorated Registration will place you onto a team for the remainder of the season
      • You will be added to a team following your registration and alerted via email and text message.
      • Benefits of Registration: In addition to playing in the remainder of the 11v11 Season, registrants will also have access to SABR Women's Weekly Pickup & Monthly Training Programs offered between 2/18/22 - 5/25/22, upon completion of 11v11 Registration.
    • 3-Game Pass is open until 5/18/22: $25 3-Game Pass Fee + $10 Jersey
      • 3-Game Pass will have you act as a free agent for the 3 games you are able to attend. You will be placed onto the team that needs a player for that game.  You can purchase multiple 3-game passes if you decide you'd like to play more than 3 games.
      • You will provide the dates/times of the 3 games you can attend via text message following your registration.
    • Spring 11v11 Games are on Wednesdays in Boca Raton until 5/18/22, at 6:30pm and 8:00pm.
    • There are no refunds for Late Registration (prorated or 3-game pass)
    • Late Registration is first come-first serve, and will open and close based on roster capacity. 
    • See additional information on the Registration Site.
    • Register Here:!/events/2022-sabr-spring-11v11-women-18

Womens 18+ Spring 11v11 & Fall 7v7 Games are played on Wednesdays in Boca Raton, with games starting at 6:30pm and 8:00 pm. The Spring Season is played between March - May, and our Fall Season is played between September - November. See Registration Site for more details.

SUBSTITUTION RULES: Each team MUST play with at least 1 sub. All players must have equal playing time on the field each game, unless player(s) choose to sub out multiple times in one game due to exhaustion. All players need to sub out during the game in a timed rotation if/when no one is volunteering to sub out. Do not create a situation where someone is forced to sit on the sidelines for longer than what is fair. Players must return to the half line when they're ready to sub back into the game.


SABR Women's Training Program

The SABR Women's Monthly Training Program is developed by our SABR Professional Director of Coaching and Player Development, Carrie Barker, and is run through our Weekly Womens Pickup Program.  SABR Members with an Active Pickup Registration are able to join the Training Sessions for free as a benefit to their membership!

Our Trainer Carrie has over 25 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level, youth club level and Olympic Development level. She also worked for the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association as a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Coaching Instructor and Olympic Development Staff Coach. She holds a National "A" USSF coaching license, United Soccer Coaches Premier Coaching Diploma and USSF Grassroots Instructors License. Meet our Professional Trainer, Carrie Barker

The SABR Training Program is modeled for all players interested in honing or developing their skills. The Training Program is great for those returning to play, learning the sport, or just wanting to do some drills with friends! Join our Weekly Womens Pickups to receive information on our Training Dates & Topics.


SABR Women's All-Star League - Visit Women’s All-Star Program for Registration & More Information

The SABR Women's All-Star League plays monthly in Boca Raton and also gives our players the opportunity to participate in FASA Tournaments throughout the State, as available. The All-Star Teams are formed with players of similar skill level in order to provide a challenging environment for all players.  Players can register as individuals or submit a full team as a group of 7+ players.  The SABR All-Star League compliments our Recreational Leagues & Weekly Pickups.  Email for more information. The Laws of the Game apply, but aggresive play and slide tackling are prohibited.


SABR Women's Weekly Pickup Games - Visit Womens Pickup for Registration & More Information

SABR also offers a weekly Womens Pickup game throughout the year, open to all skill levels.  Pickup is a great way to practice, have fun, and stay in shape in the off-season! The Laws of the Game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited.


Contact Us for all inquiries or to be added to our email list.

See the Adult Rules page for all of our SABR rules and guidelines.

Call the Field Hotline for real-time updates on field status during rainy season: 561-367-7068