SABR Women’s All-Star Program

SABR Women's All-Star Program

SABR's Women's Program currently offers weekly pickups, fall and spring recreational leagues, and monthly training events for everyone interested in practicing, honing their skills, and playing recreationally in a stress-free environment.  Our weekly pickups and recreational leagues consist of balanced teams, in which we try to include players of all skill levels on each team.  The SABR Women's All-Star Program is a venue for competitive play, with games hosted by SABR on the last Friday of each month, at 6:30pm and 8:00pm.


What Is SABR's Adult All-Star Program? 

SABR's All-Star Program hosts competitive soccer games throughout the year in a more challenging environment than our weekly pickups and recreational leagues.
When does the SABR Women's All-Star Program play? 
Our Women's 18+ All-Star League offers Refereed 7v7 and 11v11 Games at 6:30pm and 8:00pm in Boca Raton on the last Friday of each Month. 
How do I register for the All-Star Program?
You can register as an individual, group, or full team. Games are $8 per person, per game. Email in order to register a full team or group. If you have already registered an All-Star team with SABR, you will be invited to join our League Management App so you can rsvp for games.
Groups of 7+ registrants will form the basis of an entire team.  SABR Program Management will allocate players to teams for individual registrations, or group registrations <7 people. Each Team will then have a Team Manager and a Team Captain.  
How do we get uniforms?
Teams can purchase uniforms through SABR or provide their own uniform.
Can we play in Tournaments, too?
In addition to the monthly games in Boca Raton, the SABR All-Star Teams will be eligible to play in FASA tournaments throughout the state, when available (approximately 2-4 times per year). 
What is the Game Length for the Monthly Boca Games?
Each game will either be 7v7 or 11v11, depending on the size of the teams registered.
7v7 games will have two 25-minute halves (1 Center Ref), 5-minute half time.
11v11 games will have two 40-minute halves (1 Center & 2 Line Refs), 10 minute half time.  
How to Register for an All-Star Game and/or Team:
All SABR Adult Players need to have current FASA Supplemental Insurance ($25), purchased on or after 8/1/22, in order to register for the All-Star Program [Instructions to purchase insurance are here: Adult Soccer
Email if you'd like to play in an All-Star Game.
Email to register a new team or group.
The All-Star Registration Page will be updated as each All-Star game and/or tournament is scheduled.
Evolution of the All-Star Program:
Since this is a new program, SABR would like for it to grow organically and based on our player's interests.  We encourage everyone looking for a more challenging game environment to register for our All-Star Games, and everyone looking for a more stress-free game environment to join our Weekly Pickups and Recreational Leagues. 
How to Get More Involved:
If you'd like to play in the All-Star Program, or any of our SABR Adult Programs, you can find our registration links on our website.  Interested players can also join our SABR All-Star Planning Committee, in order to plan and manage the All-Star games and teams in 2022. If you'd like to volunteer to plan, develop, or manage any aspect of the SABR All-Star Program, please email and we will reach out to you with more information.


What else does SABR's Women's Program Offer?

SABR Women's Spring & Fall Recreational Leagues - Visit SABR Women’s Program for Registration & More Information

Each year, the Soccer Association of Boca Raton (SABR) offers a Spring League (11 v 11, 12 game season) and Fall League (7 v 7, 10 game season) for women 18 and over. Typically, games are played on Wednesday nights starting around 6:30pm.  As a recreational program, we encourage playing for fun and camaraderie.  There are players in the league that played soccer in college and players in the league that have never played at all.  We welcome all women to come out and play with us! All teams are formed in order to have balanced skill level per team. The Laws of the Game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited.

SABR Women's Training Program - Visit SABR Women’s Program for Registration & More Information

SABR hosts Monthly Training Programs as a benefit to our Pickup and Seasonal League members. The SABR Training Program is modeled for all players interested in honing or developing their skills. The Training Program is great for those returning to play, learning the sport, or just wanting to do some drills with friends! Stay tuned for registration information and dates.

SABR Women's Weekly Pickup Games - Visit Women's Weekly Pickup for Registration & More Information

SABR also offers a weekly Womens Pickup game throughout the year, open to all skill levels.  Pickup is a great way to practice, have fun, and stay in shape in the off-season! The Laws of the Game apply, but slide tackling is prohibited.


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