1. 2024 REGISTRATION FOR Mens 35+ (Spring 11v11)
    1. Mens 35+ Recreational 11v11 League Registration is OPEN, please register here: https://playerweb.com/#!/events/2024-sabr-spring-11v11-mens-35-rec
      1. Email mens35rec@sabrsoccer.net if you would like more information.
    2. Mens 35+ Competitive 11v11 League Registration is OPEN, if you are able to play competitively in accordance with SABR Rules, please register here: https://playerweb.com/#!/events/2024-sabr-spring-11v11-mens-35-comp
      1. Email mens35comp@sabrsoccer.net if you would like more information.


SABR Men’s Over 35 completes Inaugural Championship Season


This season we kicked off the new SABR Men’s 35+ Competitive League and it was a huge success.  The players had a fantastic time, the teams were well balanced, and the referees were highly qualified.  The finals were completed on June 6 after being rained out the week prior.  The white team was the clear favorite to win the championship after the halfway point through the season and they did not disappoint in the final.  They took home the victory and immediately requested we start another season.  It really was a lot of fun playing in the league.

The black team’s struggles throughout the season were nullified as they took home the third place victory.  Well done boys!

We want to thank our sponsors for your generous donations, our photographers for their craft, the players for their sportsmanship and camaraderie, the referees for controlling the games, and most of all the numerous volunteers who make it all happen.  None of this is possible without the dedication and persistence of the great people who volunteer their time to ensure we have everything we need for a successful season.  Thank you all and see you out on the pitch next season!

PSK Capital - White champion

Chick-Fil-A - Blue 2nd place

Delray Beach Pawn -Black 3rd

Seawood Builders - Red 4th