How We Build Our Teams

The number of players placed on a team follow our age appropriate best practices. Our Under 5 – Under 10 teams have 10 players per team; Under 11 – Under 12 have 12 players; Under 15 & Under 19 have 15 players placed on a team.

We create the number of teams in an age group so that every team has a full roster. That depends on the number of children that register by September 17. All registrations are dated and time stamped. Unless an age group has the exact number of children to place all of them on a team as of September 17, the last children that register are placed at the beginning of the Wait List.

We cannot guarantee placement from the Wait List so we strongly encourage parents to register the earlier, the better. The later you register, the higher the probability that your child might not be placed on a team.

Player requests by anyone – including Coaches, Team Parents, and Sponsors – are not allowed. Volunteer Coaches (U7 – U19) and Team Parents (U5 – U6) may request to be paired before we build player rosters.

Our team building software assigns all players to teams once the two parent volunteers are assigned to a team with their children.  Then the software places the rest of the children onto the teams.

Children born 2019 – 2016 are placed at random in the order that they register. Our age appropriate curriculum for training and games do not keep scores or standings.

Children born 2015 or earlier must have a current skill evaluation so teams are as balanced as possible because we keep scores and standings for our Under 9 and older age groups. Players that do not have a current evaluation in our system will not be placed on a team. Returning players from last season are in our system. All new players must attend one of our scheduled player evaluation sessions before September 30 or they will be placed at the bottom of the Wait List.

Requests for specific practice nights are accommodated only for parents who serve as a volunteer coach or team parent. Team sponsors may request practice nights, which we cannot guarantee but we will try to accommodate after teams are built.

Teams are created and rosters are distributed to coaches and team parents in mid-October. We attempt to fill any rosters spots that come available in early-November.