SABR Referee Game Assigning Process

SABR will be using RefJournal web site to assign games again this season. All new referees will need to register; referees from last season are already registered on the RefJournal site.

The following describes the process for:

  1. First registering as a referee, and
  2. Requesting and receiving game assignments from us through RefJournal.

Referee Registration

To register with RefJournal, go to

Click the REGISTER button at the top.

User Name – PLEASE use your FULL NAME (for example: JOHN SMITH), so we know who you are when you request to be assigned games.

Enter your E-Mail Address and choose a Password (enter twice) and type in the Visual Verification.

Click on I Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Register.

Assigning Process

Mr. Brian Behrmann is the SABR Recreational League referee game assignor. Mr. Behrmann is responsible for assigning referees to the SABR recreation games for U9 through U19 games. Games are assigned based on the referee’s experience and demonstrated abilities in past games.

Referees are generally assigned as Middle (Center) Referees (CR) or one of two Assistant (Line) Referees (AR-1 or AR-2) and responsibilities/payments vary accordingly. The exception are U9 and U10 games which only have CRs since the teams play on smaller fields and there are no off side in these age groups.

Referees will generally NOT be assigned CR positions for games of their age or older. However, referees may be assigned to AR positions of their age or older to provide a higher level of experience.

The process of assigning will not only relate to age, experience and ability, but also to the relative fairness to all those that have requested games.

Brian works to make sure that generally everyone who requests games and has the proven ability and experience will be assigned approximately 1-3 games. On the other hand, persistent tardiness or unpreparedness will more than likely prevent you from receiving many game assignments, especially when there is a high demand of requests for the games.

Game Assignments

To request game assignments go to Ref Journal (

At the top in the two blank spaces enter your User Name (your full name) and your Password.

You will now see the list of Regular Season Games. If Brian has entered the games and is ready to accept requests, then the games will be listed as OPEN. If not, they will be listed as CLOSED.

The system is organized in folders – SABR Referee Board/Regular Season Games/Week/Day/Age Group and Location. Click on the Age group you are interested in refereeing and see if there are any open spots as M (Middle), L (Line/AR 1), and L (Line/AR 2). If they are full, you will already see names entered in the spaces.

After you have decided what games you would like to referee, click on the REPLY button, and you will be able to type and send an e-mail directly to Brian. Please include your FULL NAME and the games you are interested in refereeing. The more flexible you are in the days, times and games you can referee, the better chance you will get what you want. After you have typed the e-mail, click POST.

Brian will then send out a separate e-mail that lists the games and where everyone is assigned. To confirm, go back to Ref Journal. You NEED TO CONFIRM VIA E-MAIL TO BRIAN, otherwise he may reassign your spot to someone else if you are not responsive.