Summer Soccer Training FAQ's

First Come, First Served.

All online registrations are date and time stamped.

We strongly encourage parents to register the earlier, the better. There may not be a roster spot available for the last children who register.

Once the limit of 60 children are registered, that Week goes to Wait List status and will accept additional registrations. Credit cards are required but not charged to Wait List registrations.

Summer Soccer Training is personalized to the children that enroll, so space is limited to First Come, First Served.

Registration FAQ's

Q: What is SABR Summer Soccer Training?

A: SABR Summer Soccer Training is 4 days in a row of 2-hour training sessions with breaks, plus a makeup day in case of rain during the 4 days.

SABR Players of all skill levels can sign up to improve their game for one week in June or July.

Boys & girls are enrolled over a range ages to allow the most flexibility for our professional coaches to organize and lead them in varied player development activities including individual skills technique, small sided groups, and scrimmages.

This is a highly effective player development process. Our Director of Coaching, Carrie Barker, has many years of experience with this format. Click here to learn more about Carrie.

Q; Where are sessions held?

A: SABR Summer Soccer Training is held at Patch Reef Park (June) and Spanish River Athletic Complex (July).

Q: What weeks are available for SABR Summer Soccer Training?

A: Two weeks – one in June and one in July .

June 20-23rd ( make up rain on June 24th)
Time 9:00-11:00 am
Ages 6-13
Cost : $120
Where: Patch Reef Park (Maximum 60 kids)
Registration link for June:

July 25 -28th  ( make up rain on July 29th)
Time:  6:00 - 8:00 pm
Ages:  12-18
Cost: $120
Where:  Spanish River Athletic Complex (1 field & Maximum 60 kids)
Registration link for July:

Q: Who can participate in SABR Summer Soccer Training?

A: All participants must be the ages listed above.

Q: In what age group will my child play?

A: Flexibility of the activities with variety and challenge are keys to the fun and success of this format. These are always geared to foster success, not failure for the children, so players are placed and switched in activities that are appropriate for each child.

Q: Are games played?

A: Scrimmages are one of the training methods.

Q: What is our family's time commitment?

A: Your most important commitments are to be on time to start and to leave promptly at the end.

Q: When does Registration close?

A: Registration for a group does not close. Once the player limit is reached, that Week goes to Wait List status to continue to accept registrations in the event of cancellations or more field space becomes available.

Q: Are any Requests and Pre-assignments allowed?

A: No. Registration is first come, first served.

Q: What is the cost to train in SABR Summer Soccer Training?

A: The registration fee is $120 per child for the week.  Payment must be made online by credit card. Online payment will also accept checking account bank routing and account numbers for ACH payment directly from your checking account.

Q: Will my child get to train if (s)he is on the Wait List?

A: Probably not. However, please register your child to the Wait List. Our commitment is to only have sessions led by highly qualified, experienced and nationally licensed coaches.

Q: What is SABR’s policy on issuing refunds?

A: Participation in SABR Summer Soccer Training is non-refundable.

Q: Is my child covered by SABR’s supplemental liability insurance?

A: Via SABR’s affiliation with Florida Youth Soccer Association, and upon the payment of dues and insurance premiums to FYSA, all youth players are covered by supplemental medical insurance. All coaches, managers, and administrators are covered by supplemental liability insurance. These excess type policies become effective only after all private insurance limits have been reached and currently have a $350.00 deductible. Note: All claims for insurance must be reported to the SABR After School Director of Coaching.

Q: I have another question. Who do I contact?

A: Please send an email to our Director of Training, Carrie Barker, at Please remember she may not be able to answer you immediately.

Any problems you may encounter during registration may not be answered before a group is filled.

Please read everything on your screen as you register. There are details along the way.

Error messages do not mean that the system is not functioning as planned.

Logging on with User Names and Passwords that are not identical to what’s in the system will cause an Error Message to display. We cannot locate the correct User Name and Password for you nor are we able to try to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

Another common error is to register when the Week is filled. Step 3 of the Registration process will display a Note that the Week is filled. That Note is the only “warning” you will see. If you continue to register, you will be placed on the Wait List.