1. Sarah Fabius on May 27, 2021 at 8:53 am

    If my son and a friend of his want to be on same team, how do we do this? Will make it easier also for parents to car pool.

    • earlstarkoff on May 27, 2021 at 9:30 am

      Hi. First, the boys have to be born the same year. Then, to be on the same team, you or your spouse and one of the parents of you son’s friend will need to volunteer as the coaches or their team parents (if they’re born 2016-2017). We then assign the boys to the same team. When you register the boys, there’s a section to indicate that you’re volunteering. Both parents need to do this so we can find you as a pair.

      Here’s more info about requests & pre-assignments from our FAQ’s:

      Q: Are any Requests and Pre-assignments allowed?
      A: Before our teams are built, we allow pre-assignment requests only for those who wish to volunteer together: our Coaches in U7 and older, and Team Parents in U5 and U6. Only 2 volunteers may serve together on one team.
      Player requests are not allowed by anyone, including Coaches, Team Managers, and Sponsors.

      Once the two parent volunteers are assigned to a team with their children, our team building software assigns all the rest of the children onto the teams.

      In no case will we allow more than 2 players to be pre-assigned to the same team – or 3 in the case when the coach or assistant coach children are siblings. The only exception is for pre-assignment of siblings of non-volunteers provided SABR is advised during registration and exclusive of children added to the teams from the wait list. We then generate team rosters without any further adjustments.

      No trades or preferential player assignments will be permitted to avoid problems of team imbalance. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

      Requests for specific practice nights are accommodated only for parents who serve as a volunteer coach or team parent. Team sponsors may request practice nights, which we cannot guarantee but will try to accommodate after teams are built.

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