Youth Recreational Teams 2024 – 2025 Season FAQ's

First Come, First Served.

All online registrations that are completed and paid will be date and time stamped.

We strongly encourage parents to register the earlier, the better. There may not be a roster spot available for the last children who register.

We create the number of teams in separate boys and girls age groups so that every team has a full roster. The number of teams depends on the number of children that register by September 15.

Click here for the details of How We Build Our Teams.

Registration FAQ's

Q: How do I register?
Registration opens on June 9, 2024, and goes to Wait List status on September 16, 2024. Click here for the How To Register Guide and then to go to our registration program. The How To Register Guide has the step-by-step instructions.

Q: Who can play in the SABR league?
All boys and girls must be born January 1, 2006 – December 31, 2020.

Q: What is our family's time commitment?
For U7 - U19, there is one practice night per week and one (and occasionally a second) game on weekends. Our Under 5 and Under 6 age groups will train and play on Saturdays for an hour.

Please understand that when you register your child to play in SABR, you have made a commitment to the value and benefits to children of participation in team sports. Your commitment is to attend all team practices and games. Your commitment extends to all of the other families on your child’s team and throughout the age group, so all of the children gain from the skill and life lessons learned on practice night and full rosters for competitive games.

Q: What is the cost to play in the SABR league?
A: The registration fee of $195 is per child for U7- U19 the 2024-2025 season. The registration fee of $145 is a little lower for U5-U6. Payment is made online by credit card only. ACH transfer from your bank is not available.

Q: Who must pay the Nonresident Fee and how much is it?
A: Anyone who lives outside of the City of Boca Raton or the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District must pay a Nonresident youth administrative fee of approximately $65 per player.  Click here for City/Park District Resident map. This fee will appear online during the check-out/payment step. Fees can be paid by credit card online during check-out. Participants must pay this fee online. All online registrations include permission to SABR to charge your credit card if not paid because the City reviews all registrations for Residency and charges SABR for all Nonresident.  Please note that if you do not check out-of-area and your registration address is outside these areas, SABR will assess the fee to your account and charge your card.

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: For Under 7 and older players, season starts with practices around the last week in October. Our Under 5’s & 6’s start 1 week later in November.

Coaches for Under 7 and older will get their team roster at the coaches meeting. They will contact their players by phone and/or email.

Under 5 & Under 6 families will be contacted by email in late October.

If you do not hear from your coach, contact the Division Rep for your age group. Click here for the list of DR's:

Except for the weeks when Palm Beach public schools are closed for Thanksgiving and the Winter Break, SABR's plays every week.

Our 2024-2025 season will end with our annual Soccer Celebration Day of games, free food and rides for everyone.

Q: In what age group will my child play?

A: SABR adheres to the US Youth Soccer guidelines for assigning children to our Boys & Girls age groups.  Children born 2013 - 2020 play in single year age groups.  Under 15 and Under 19 Divisions are multi-year age groups.  Children born 2010 - 2012 play together in our Under 15 divisions.  Children born 2006 - 2009 play together in our Under 19 divisions.  All of our age groups are single gender.  See our Age Chart.

Q: What soccer gear does my child need?

A: Every child needs their own soccer ball* for practices. They also need soccer cleats and shin guards worn under soccer socks at all times. Players need to bring their own water bottle with their name on it to all practices and games.

SABR provides a complete uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) to all players.

*Soccer ball sizes are: size 3 for children born 2017 - 2020;  size 4 for children born 2013 - 2016; and size 5 for children born 2006 -  2012.

Q: What are New Player Evaluations?

A: New Players in our U9 and older age groups (born 2016 or earlier) will be evaluated on Friday nights in  September. Parents of new players will be emailed with more information in August and September. All players must be evaluated for their skill level or they cannot be placed on teams because we want our teams to be as balanced as possible. These are not tryouts. All returning and new children will be placed on teams in date/time stamp order of registration as long as there is a Player Evaluation on file before September 22, 2024.

Q: Are any Requests and Pre-assignments allowed?
A: Before our teams are built, we allow pre-assignment requests only for those who wish to volunteer together: our Coaches in U7 and older, and Team Parents in U5 and U6. Only 2 volunteers may serve together on one team.

Player requests are not allowed by anyone, including Coaches, Team Managers, and Sponsors.

Once the two parent volunteers are assigned to a team with their children, our team building software assigns all the rest of the children onto the teams.

In no case will we allow more than 2 players to be pre-assigned to the same team – or 3 in the case when the coach or assistant coach children are siblings. The only exception is for pre-assignment of siblings of non-volunteers provided SABR is advised during registration and exclusive of children added to the teams from the wait list. We then generate team rosters without any further adjustments.

No trades or preferential player assignments will be permitted to avoid problems of team imbalance. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Requests for specific practice nights are accommodated only for parents who serve as a volunteer coach or team parent. Team sponsors may request practice nights, which we cannot guarantee but will try to accommodate after teams are built.

Q: What night is practice?
A: Your coach will let you know which weeknight is your team’s practice night. Please do not request to switch teams to accommodate other schedules you may have. With 2,000 players in SABR, we cannot make these changes.

Q: When are games played?
A: SABR Boys and Girls play one (and occasionally a second) game on weekends. Most of the games are played on Saturdays. Some games are played on Friday evenings and Sundays. We have never been able to determine more precisely until we know how many kids are registered and we build teams in early October.

When does Registration close?
A: Registration ends September 15, 2024.

The registration system will continue to accept Wait List registrations beginning September 16.

Q: If I miss all of the registration dates, can my child still play in the SABR league?
Anyone who does not register by September 15, may sign up on our Wait List online. Our Registration Buttons (at the top of this page) will take you to the Wait List registration page as of September 16.

We open our registration program to Wait List status on September 16.  We will try to place every child that registers by September 30 on a team.

Please note: we have a maximum number of players than we will place on a single team

If placed on a team, you will hear from your coach following the Coaches Meeting on October 13.

The Wait List stays open throughout the season. In November, we fill individual team needs from the Wait List. After that, if needs come up, we will also access the Wait List. You will be charged fees only upon placement onto a team. If you paid prior to September 17, you will receive a refund if not placed on a team.

In all cases, you will be contacted by a SABR Administrator if a roster spot becomes available. We cannot guarantee your child a roster spot if on the Wait List.

Q: What documentation do I need to register?
Registration is completed online at starting in June 2024.

Q: What is SABR’s policy on issuing refunds?

A:  SABR will honor all registration cancellation refund requests up to September 15, 2024, less a $25.00 administrative fee. All requests must be in writing.

If COVID-19 causes the season to be delayed, postponed or shortened, we will address the question of refunds as a club-wide policy based on the best information we have at that time.

Your registration fee includes uniforms, insurance, equipment, coaches training and affiliation with FYSA . These expenses are paid in advance of our 2024–2025 season and cannot be recouped.

Email requests to or mail to: Soccer Association of Boca Raton, P.O. Box 812650, Boca Raton, FL 33481.

Please note: our teams are built beginning September 18. We understand that, at times, this means some parents need to adjust their schedules once teams are built and practice schedules are issued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, our 40 years’ experience has shown this to be the only workable alternative for families and SABR alike to the commitment we make to each other.

We will not issue refunds requested after September 15, unless you were not placed on a team.

Q: Is my child covered by SABR’s supplemental liability insurance?
 Via SABR’s affiliation with Florida Youth Soccer Association, and upon the payment of dues and insurance premiums to FYSA, all youth players are covered by supplemental medical insurance. All coaches, managers, and administrators are covered by supplemental liability insurance. These excess type policies become effective only after all private insurance limits have been reached and currently have a $350.00 deductible. Note: All claims for insurance must be reported to the appropriate Director of Boy’s or Girl’s Soccer. SABR is also affiliated with Florida State Soccer Association, and our Adult Members are similarly registered to that organization which includes a supplemental medical insurance benefit.

Q: I have another question. Who do I contact?
 Please send an email to us at We'll get an answer to you quickly, but please remember we're volunteers so we may not be able to answer you immediately. Thanks.